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Click for Immortality @
I (robert ray hedges of Sedona Az) have 18 years experience manipulating crawler/placement technology all to prevent your death, now it's time

for all of you to help me (a little) to invoke this special DESTINY!
Please become Traffic by Daily Internet Yoga .... (clicking) because it forces (causes) trending to happen; When you're tired of trending toward

eventually being dead, just click through these pages and do it with spouses, children, parents Grand parents, friends or even Strangers....
Truth=>>>> 100,000 people can bring immortality aptitude into internet consciousness as a one world non-Government synchronizing evolving self

respect, internationally!
In our shared, current reality in the (spring of 2014), this is our last chance to recover human destiny and realize our collective, synchronous,

causal, potentiality.....thanks for reading my intent!!!
Electronic Democracy; Harmonic social intent in socialized electronic digitalized interconnected human potentiality ....for the timely reclamation of

all dying humans as [mandatory] Immortality Aptitude Education International, a SELF RESPECT Heart Centered Angel Aerobics Phenomenon by

Mouse Clicking 5 minutes a day, (basic trendingness) to honor your laziness of course I made this possible for us... 4Immortality Click >>>

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